To all of our future pin up goddesses!

 We get approached by quite a few ladies who are lost in a pin curl heaven and in desperate need of help and advice. Therefore, we launched several different classes and will try to help with every pressing stylistic want.

(Please note these classes are not tailored for professionals. See note below)

All classes are done on 1-2-1 basis.

Vintage Hair/Make up Super Class (4 hrs)


You will be learning how to recreate 3 hair and makeup styles of your choice. A short vintage skin care lesson is complimentary.
Please ensure you have done your research on the looks you are interested in learning to recreate.
Please note: 1920 decade is not included in this Super Class.
We will utilise your own makeup for that part of the lesson.

Finger/Marcel waving class (2 hrs)


You'll be learning how to prepare your hair for finger waving, how to set it and how to wave it with your fingers, comb and tongs. The lesson should leave you fully prepared to set your own perfect waves with a little practice.

Make up Masterclass (3 hrs)


Our make up specialist, will teach you how to recreate 3 different vintage makeup styles.

Custom made for your individual physiognomy and using your own makeup.
Hair Masterclass (3 hrs)


A session with Nina or Issidora  showing you how to do 3 different hairstyles for 3 different era's of your choice (not 1920s).

One Style In One Hour (1 hour)


A lesson with Nina or Issidora teaching you how to recreate one vintage hairstyle of your choice (not 1920s).


We are happy to create tailor made classes @ £100 p.h. For more information please send an email to 

Please note that above courses are not tailored for the professionals.
We create special courses designed only for our fellow hairdressers and make up artists willing to explore the vintage styles.

All classes are by appointment only.

Due to an overwhelming demand and time limitation there is a waiting list and we apologize if  we can't fit everyone in straight away. Rest assured that we will always try our best.

To have your name added to the waiting list please email 

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