Sarah - Jane

It's the hair that puts together the outfit, and on such a special day as my wedding day, on short notice, I contacted Issidora for help. With her kind and generous assistance, in-depth knowledge in period styles, she gave me the look that I once had only dreamed of obtaining. She made me into a star for the day and I am so grateful! I have always enjoyed Issidora's company, and never fail to part without learning something new about the era which most interests me. Her careful and thoughtful artistry, wove together a look which bestowed many a compliments on the day! I would have been lost without her! Thank you so much for making me look so beautiful!

 Tara Arnold

"I had been going to Nina for quite a while before my wedding and knew that there was no one I would trust more on my wedding day to make me look like a screen siren. Before the wedding I had a trial run with Nina and Issidora for my hair and makeup. They saw the dress and suggested different looks relevant to the era of the dress, my skin, hair colouring and my personality. The girls completely knew their art and explained why they had chosen a particular look for me, and how this would look not only glamourous but authentic. We then ran through the looks on my hair and face and I picked the one I was most comfortable with. Many a photos were taken so that the look could be replicated on the day. We then worked out how long everything would take to recreate so that I would be ready in time. They put me completely at ease as I knew what to expect on the big day.

On the day they arrived in plenty of time and made me feel like a princess as they did my hair and makeup. My skin had broken out on the morning of my wedding but Issidora made me look flawless. Even my mother could not see the blemishes and told me my skin was glowing! Everyone was impressed how Nina managed to get my waist length hair into glamourous rolls on top of my head. All my guests kept repeating the same thing: 'You look like a movie star'. Every girl wants to look beautiful on their wedding day, and Nina and her team don't just make you look beautiful, but Golden Era of Hollywood siren beautiful. I still looked immaculate 9 hours later! They were super professional and I recommend them to all of you who want to look like a complete glamourpuss on your wedding day"

 Sofia Quintero

"I can happily say that I am an extremely satisfied customer of Nina's Hair Parlour. The whole experience is fantastic. From the funky salon to the magnificent results. If you want to feel espectacular and have a great experience you definitely need to contact Nina or Issidora. They are both extremely talented women."

 Harriet Gervasio

 As a regular client of Nina’s Hair Parlour I have never been disappointed and consequently have high expectations. I was thrilled that Nina and Issidora were both able to style myself and my bridesmaids on my wedding day. 

Following a consultation with both artistes they had a sneak preview of my dress and were immediately full of ideas for hair and make-up that would compliment both my dress, personality and the feel of the wedding. We also talked about the bridesmaids and how we could ensure that everyone complemented each other. I had my hair cut and coloured a few days before the wedding so everything was ready for the big day but we did not have a full trial run even though the option was available – I trust Nina and Issidora implicitly. 

 I was absolutely thrilled with the results on the day! Nina and Issidora put everyone at ease and worked swiftly to a tight schedule to have everyone ready on time with no stress, lots of fun and meticulous attention to detail. Issidora was able to add the right measure of subtlety and colour to my make up to finalise the look for the day. All our guests commented on how fabulous we all looked and it really helped to create the vintage feel that we wanted for the whole day. Nina and Issidora were able to advise us with their expertise on what would not only compliment each individual but would be in keeping with the styles of the era that suited our dresses and it really did add the finishing touches that we wanted along with the “wow” factor. 

It would not have been the same without Nina and Issidora, thank you, I can’t recommend you highly enough!

 Priyanka Pradhan

Nina's team turned my deco dream into a reality. The expertise, creativity, efficiency and attention to detail that they imparted really blew me away, not to mention my husband and guests. I cannot thank them enough for making me feel like such a goddess on such an important day.




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